Outsource Management Services

Workplace Sciences Alliance, a division of Workplace Sciences-LLC, provides Outsource Management Services.  We  offer our customers a contract manufacturing supply and procurement service that fully supports their strategic goals:

Six-Sigma Quality Assurance

Low Cost Manufacturing or Assembly

On-Time Delivery / Replenishment

Kanban or Synchronized Procurement Systems

Point-of-Use Vendor Managed Inventory

Rapid Prototypes & First Articles Support

Our collaborative manufacturing alliances of best-in-class, ISO certified partners can produce a range of precision products: plastics, circuit boards, CNC machined parts, paint & coatings, screw machine parts, wire & cable harnesses, electro-mechanical assembly, forgings & castings, sheet-metal, rubber parts, optical components, packaging and other value-added production services. 

Workplace Sciences, LLC provides sub-contract vendor management,  value-chain integration and supplier synchronization to assure the customer receives low-cost, on-time delivery of quality parts.  Customer take advantage of the “One-Point Procurement” service because we manage the integration and scheduling of the manufacturing supplier value-chain.  This is especially critical when the manufacturing requirements of a procured part exceed the process capabilities of an individual supplier.  This service allows companies to reduce the number of suppliers they work with and still use the best process-capable suppliers.  We relieve our customers of the following time and cost consuming outsourcing activities:

bullet Inventory Management: raw, work-in-process, and finished goods
bulletQuality and Process Control - Source Inspections and Audits
bulletStandardizing Packaging, Shipping Documents & Markings
bulletShipping & Transportation Arrangements
bulletContract Administration - Vendor Management
bulletProduction Integration, Control & Scheduling
bulletSupplier Performance Management
bulletWarehousing & Distribution
bulletProduct Testing & Validation  
bulletSecondary Sourcing Preparedness / Disaster Recovery
bulletReusable Pallets and Container Logistics
bulletRapid Prototype & First Article Engineering
bulletDocument Control - Engineering Change Order Management
bulletProprietary Product & Information Security
bulletSupplier / Supply-Chain Development: Selection, Consolidation & Certification
bulletExpedite & “Hot-Shot” Management
bulletSupplier Product Return Management
bulletPackaging for Material Handling - Ergonomics
bulletInventory Sizing & Planning
bulletProduct Phase-out & Obsolescence Planning

We provide our customer with various outsourcing procurement arrangements:

bulletManufacturer Direct Source: we ship directly to the customer from the last value-added supplier in the supply-chain.   
bulletInternal Manufacturing Source: we design, install and manage a manufacturing cell inside the customer’s facility.
bulletExternal-Adjacent Manufacturing Source: we design, install and manage a custom manufacturing facility very close to the customer’s facility.

Vendor-Managed Inventory Source: we establish and manage a point-of-use inventory distribution crib (internal or external-adjacent) stocked by our manufacturing partners, where the customer can "pull" components only as required and be invoiced afterwards on a "pay-as-consume" agreement.

 Benefits of a Collaborative Vendor-Managed Inventory

High Service Levels


Auto Replenishment


Increased Inventory Turns


No Recurring Purchase Orders


Replenishment to Consumption


Cost Controls and Visibility

If you need to acquire contract manufacturing services that are reliable, cost-effective, with on-time delivery and of consistent high quality then you must call Workplace Sciences, LLC today.  We will provide you with a rapid response proposal for the manufacturing and management of all your outsourcing needs.

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