About Us

Workplace Sciences, LLC is a minority owned small business recognized as an industry leader in lean enterprise education and implementation.  We are composed of a collaborative alliance of talented and experienced managers, engineers  and industrial trainers.  Most of our associates have over 20 years of engineering and management experience in various types of lean production operations.  Most are registered and certified professional or hold advanced degrees.  Many of Workplace Sciences professionals have held management and engineering positions in areas such as logistics, distribution, purchasing, warehousing and manufacturing.  Most importantly, they have a detail understanding of how to apply progressive technologies within these business functions. 

Our team of results oriented, change-agent professionals actively work with organizations to make sure they embrace, participate and sustain the new processes and systems.  By emphasizing on "best-in-skills" managers, engineers and trainers, Workplace Sciences assures the highest level of professionalism and accountability for the customerís success.

Workplace Sciences also provides customers with Outsource Management Services.  With a collaborative manufacturing alliance of best-in-class, ISO certified partners it offers its customers vendor management, value-chain integration and supplier synchronization services that assures them they will consistently receive low-cost, on-time delivery of quality parts. 



      Rene Galarza - Principal

Workplace Sciences, LLC